President's Welcome

S. J. C. Three legendary letters. One extraordinary address.

Welcome to Saint John’s College, a college of demonstrated excellence.

Founded in 1887 by Jesuit priests, S.J.C. is one of the oldest, largest and most diverse educational institutions in Belize, with nearly 2,000 students and over 125 faculty, administrators and staff.

Whether you wish to learn in the finest facilities or gain invaluable experience through new challenges and emerging disciplines, some of Belize’s most gifted and devoted educators are waiting for you.

Three unique campuses and communities – S.J.C. Junior College, S.J.C. High School, and S.J.C. Extension Department – combine to make St. John’s College the premier Belizean Catholic Jesuit institution.

We provide high quality instruction in an applied learning environment, comprehensive student services and development support, financial aid through the Landivar Scholarship Program, and vigorous academic and athletic programs in business and economics, social science, math and natural science, humanities, education, and computer science.

S. J. C. offers a variety of outstanding programs and distinguished concentrations that meet your needs and interests. Disciplines can be pursued at various levels that lead to certificates or diplomas, associate degrees, and through partnering Jesuit universities, undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students can access undergraduate degrees online from Regis University, U.S.A., through the Associate’s to Bachelor’s Program. A number of students also engage in distance learning through the Loyola Institute for Ministry Extension (LIMEX).

Through the Centre for Teaching & Learning Excellence, the Charles T. Hunter Commission for Social Outreach, the Belize Studies Resource Centre, S. J. C. Parent Network, and the Alumni Association, teachers, students and stakeholders are offered opportunities for research, publication, personal growth, and collaborative initiatives.

Anchored in our rich history and tradition are the twin goals of excellence in learning and excellence in engagement. We are guided by one all-embracing, all-encompassing rule: quality matters. Once you come, you know.

Educational institutions do not exist in a vacuum. They are influenced by myriad societal expectations and events that are constantly changing. We have Big Dreams and Bold Plans to dramatically alter the nature of the teaching and learning process.

We trust you will be embraced with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, an abundance of programs and activities, first-class educators, ambitious and talented students, and a campus acclaimed for its excellence, quality, safety, beauty and service.

Thank you for choosing Saint John’s College and do remain connected with us. I invite your inquiries at or or 223-3732; S. J. C. Junior College at or 223-3731; S. J. C. High School at or 223-3733.

Central Office Directory

Mrs. Mirtha Peralta



Ms. Dorita Herrarte


Ms. Ismara Romero

Human Resources Manager

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Other Vacancies - JC and HS

St. John’s College invites applications to fill the following positions at the Junior College division: 
1. Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs 


▪ Assist the Dean in the overall administration of the Junior College – particularly in the area of
creating, supporting and enhancing a student-centered academic environment. 
▪ Actively promote a culture of academic excellence through leadership in academic planning, faculty professional development and learning support services as well as through assistance with recruitment, enrolment, and the management of student information. 
▪ Articulate an academic vision and establish the academic agenda of the future.
▪ Set a context for the various academic departments, programs, and services within a broad and coherent institutional framework.
▪ Supervise the daily operations of the office of academic affairs.
▪ Work closely with academic chairpersons, students, faculty, the Dean, the Associate Dean for Student Services, and other administrators to bring life to the vision and mission of the

▪ Minimum of a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership or other related field.
▪ At least five years’ experience as an administrator.
▪ Strong commitment to the mission of St. John’s College as a Catholic, Jesuit institution.
▪ Self-reliant, creative, innovative, proactive, decisive, and enthusiastic.
▪ High personal and professional standards.
▪ Accessible and consultative when making decisions.
▪ Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
▪ Leadership and management skills.
▪ Ability to work as a team member and be effective in professional relationships with others at all levels within the college community.
2. Counselor 

▪ Work under the supervision of the Dean to provide counseling services for students in all
college division. 
▪ Coordinate counseling programs for parents, community, and staff in the area of educational
responsibilities, student performance, personal, family and social relationships, and parental
▪ Supervise assigned programs to monitor performance and achieve overall curriculum
▪ Minimum of a Master’s degree in Counseling from an accredited institution is preferred; a
Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or Social Work will be considered. 
▪ At least one year’s experience in school counselling would be an asset. 
▪ Sound knowledge of developmental processes in students; counseling techniques to facilitate 
problem solving and decision making; interpersonal communication techniques and
behavioural management techniques. 
▪ Familiar with the school curriculum.
▪ Able to function within legal and ethical constraints of the counseling profession.
▪ Self-reliant, creative, innovative, proactive, decisive, and enthusiastic.
▪ Strong commitment to mission, quality, and service to students.
▪ Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.
▪ High personal and professional standards.
▪ Computer literate
▪ Ability to provide leadership, work as a team member and be effective in relationships with 
others at all levels within the College. 


3. Administrative Assistant 
▪ Answer telephone, screen, and direct calls. 
▪ Take and relay messages. 
▪ Provide information to callers. 
▪ Greet persons entering organization. 
▪ Direct persons to requested offices. 
▪ Deal with queries from the public and students/customers. 
▪ Make procedural decisions and judgments on sensitive, confidential issues. 
▪ Ensure knowledge of staff movements in and out of organization. 
▪ General administrative and clerical support. 
▪ Prepare letters and documents. 
▪ Receive and sort mail and deliveries. 
▪ Coordinate and organize meetings and special events. 
▪ Schedule appointments and arrange travel itinerary. 
▪ Maintain appointment diary either manually or electronically. 
▪ Tidy and maintain the reception area. 
▪ Any other tasks assigned. 

▪ Minimum of an Associate degree in Business Administration. 
▪ At least three years’ work experience. 
▪ Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures. 
▪ Knowledge of computers and relevant software applications. 
▪ Knowledge of customer service principles and practices. 
▪ Written communication skills. 
Remuneration: In accordance with Ministry of Education’s pay scale.
Application Deadline: Friday, 22nd July, 2022


Application: Application form is available at the Office of the President or at

Send or deliver completed application form along with cover letter, official sealed transcript, M.O.E
medical & drug test, police record, certified copy of birth certificate or passport page, certified copy of social security card and certified copy of highest degree to: 

Human Resources
St. John’s College 
P.O. Box 548
Belize City, Belize C.A.
Tel: 501-223-3732/31

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of St. John's College is to aid personal growth through education. St. John's College is a community of persons, students, administrators, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees all brothers and sisters before God. Each member of this community should show concern for the others' personal development, encouraging, stimulating, guiding and supporting one another so that each utilizes his talents and realizes his destiny as a free, creative, self-disciplined and responsible human being.


While every member of the community is important, the primary emphasis, as in all schools, is on the development of the students. St. John's College is privileged to share with the parents and guardians the task of helping Belizeans attain a healthy maturity as integrated persons, Christian in their values and their vision of reality. Within the scope of its resources, it hopes to provide learning experiences which will encourage each person to develop, in an integrated way, all his/her faculties and talents - for his/her own self-worth and to be of greater service to his/her family, the Diocese of Belize City and Belmopan, the Christian community at large, Belize and the world. The College fulfills its purpose by means appropriate to a school: personal witness, teaching and research, by the discovery, preservation and communication of knowledge and truth.

St. John's College affirms its commitment to the vision and values of the Roman Catholic Church and of the Society of Jesus, by whose members it was founded. It affirms its dedication to the people of Belize, and strives to encourage a deeper understanding of and respect for their history and culture. And finally, it strives to broaden our vision and concern to include all our brothers and sisters around the world, especially those who are poor and struggling to find that freedom in Christ, which alone can bring peace to the human heart.

Organizational Chart