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Information Technology Department

Keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing world

Mission:  The Information Technology Unit exist to provide a reliable, secure, modern, accessible information communication and technology infrastructure to support all stakeholders at St. John's College.

Vision:  By 2022 SJC will be the leader for Belize schools, with an integrated, reliable, information and Communication Technology supported system that provides quality information for the evidenced based decision making, with an improved quality of communication and sharing of data and information to all stakeholder levels.

Values:  The Information and Technology Unit operates under the following principles

  • Integrity (respect for stakeholder rights, honest, accountable, ethical management of data)

  • Quality (reliable, valid, relevant, timely)

  • Competence (professionally trained Staff)

  • Partnership (Inter-division collaboration)

  • Adaptable (evolve based on users needs)

  • Cost Effective (Value for money)

Primary Objectives

  • Evaluate, recommend and implement applicable technologies to advance the teaching and learning experiences to the college community and to improve the College’s business functions.

  • Coordinate with our Web Service provider to ensure reliable, secure, highly-available web access to the College information and services

  • Deliver excellent customer service to the College community emphasizing timely and competent service delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Provide the best possible technological support to meet the diverse needs of the difference divisions teaching, learning, research and administrative expectations


Major Technology Services

  • Support Services

     Student Computer Labs

     Faculty Labs


  • Business Systems

     School Manager Pro

     Paymaster Plus

     Counselor’s Assistant

     HS Grade Management

     ResourceMate (Library)

     Corporate Email

     Course Management

  • Networking and Communications

     Centralize Campus Cabled Infrastructure

     LAN and WAN Infrastructure

     WIFI,VPN Wireless Access Points (Faculty, Students and Administration)


IT Director

Stacy Sutherland

Senior Systems Administrator

Richard Lopez

Contact Information

Information Technology Dept.

St. John's College

Tel:  223-3731/2, Ext. 1192

Men and Women for and with Others


Princess Margaret Drive  |  Belize City, Belize, C.A.​

Phone:  +501-223-3731/223-3732/223-3733

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