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It gives me great pride to pen these words because I have no doubt that within these pages are contained the faces of many of our future leaders, educators, professionals, clergy and parents, some of who will leave us this year whilst others will remain to continue their educational development.


To those of you who now venture unto another stage of your life, I congratulate you for the dedication, determination and hard work, which you have given these past two years.  I also take this time to wish you the utmost success in your future endeavours.


May the values you have gained, the experiences you have lived and the knowledge you have acquired be guiding forces as you strive for excellence and fulfillment remembering always your commitment to God, country and family.


To our returning students, I implore you not to let time pass by idly.  Take full advantage of your time away from school to enhance your knowledge and your skills with the objective of greater achievements in the coming academic year.  Success demands an unwavering determination to become better people than we are today and even greater people than we think we can be.  I encourage you to seek out that preference by improving who you are and becoming a cause for good, a cause for development, a cause for prosperity, and most importantly, a cause for Belize.

Lastly, I want to thank those people who make St. John’s the special place that it is today, those people who, throughout the year, give of themselves unselfishly with the sole purpose of providing a holistic educational experience based on cura personalis – our faculty.  The profession of a teacher is a challenging one, especially in these evolving times, but they spare no effort in ensuring that our students are endowed with the education, the values and the lessons they deserve.  For this and for all that you, the faculty, do for our students, for our parents and for our institution, St. John’s College and I greatly thank you.

Mrs. Solangel Alvarado

Dean, St. John's College Junior College

Men and Women For and With Others


Princess Margaret Drive

Belize City, Belize, C.A.​

Phone:  +501-223-3731/223-3732

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