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Office for Mission & Identity

About Us

Welcome to the Office of Mission and Identity at our Jesuit school. Our office is dedicated to fostering and promoting the Jesuit values, traditions, and mission within our community: for students, faculty and staff, administration and trustees.


Our office serves as a resource hub for the entire school community, providing guidance, support, and programming that align with the Jesuit mission. Across curriculum and pedagogy, community service and service learning, liturgy and retreats, we collaborate with the entire SJC family to cultivate a community where individuals are encouraged to grow intellectually, spiritually, and morally. We strive to empower our students to become compassionate leaders and agents of positive change in the world, guided by the principles of social justice, reflection, and service, and rooted in Jesus Christ.


We invite you to explore our website, participate in our programs, and join us in living out the Jesuit mission and identity within our school and beyond. 

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