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JC Rebels Orchestra & Choir Honor Garifuna Legends

Marcia Bouloy

Nov 17, 2023

JC Rebels Participate in Honoring Garifuna Heroes & Culture

The JC Rebels Orchestra and Choir took center stage in an unforgettable musical journey this weekend! On Friday, November 17, their mesmerizing performance at the Tribute Concert to Andy Palacio and Paul Nabor was nothing short of sensational. Their passion and dedication shone through as they honored the musical legacies of these icons.

But the celebration didn't stop there! On November 19, the JC Rebels Orchestra continued their musical odyssey, participating vibrantly in the Garifuna Settlement Day official parade in Dangriga. Their rhythmic beats and harmonious melodies echoed the rich cultural heritage, adding an extra dimension of joy to the festivities.

Kudos to the JC Rebels for their outstanding musical contributions that enchanted audiences and honored the spirit of these remarkable celebrations! #JCRebelsMusicalJourney #HonoringLegacies #VibrantHarmonies #WildcatNation  #MenandWomenforAndwithOthers

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