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SJC Unveils Mission, Vision, and Core Values in Inspiring Ceremony

Adriani Coleman

Mar 12, 2024

With input from all stakeholders, SJC recreated its mission, vision and core values.

SJC Unveils Mission, Vision, and Core Values in Inspiring Ceremony

12 March 2024 - In a momentous event held at Peralta Hall, St. John's College (SJC) unveiled its eagerly anticipated mission, vision, and core values. The ceremony, attended by esteemed guests, faculty, and staff, marked a significant milestone in the institution's history.

The event commenced with a heartfelt prayer, led by Father B. Christopher, SJ, the Jesuit Superior of Belize. His invocation set the tone for the ceremony, emphasizing the importance of faith and guidance in shaping the college's identity.

Mrs. Marth Guerra, Chairlady of the Board of Trustees, extended a warm welcome to the attendees. Her opening remarks highlighted the collaborative effort involved in crafting the mission, vision, and core values. This endeavor had involved faculty, administrators, and staff, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive representation of SJC's ideals.

Ms. Martine King, a key figure in the development process, took the stage to share insights into the creation of the mission, vision, and core values. She outlined the objectives of the exercise, emphasizing the institution's commitment to excellence, innovation, and holistic education.

Fr. William McCormick, SJ, the Chief Mission and Identity Officer, delivered a poignant address underscoring the significance of SJC's mission. Stressing the importance of a guiding purpose, he highlighted how the mission statement would serve as a compass, directing the college's endeavors and fostering a transformative educational experience.

Taking everyone on a journey through time, Mrs. Mirtha Peralta, President of SJC, delved into the origins of the college's original mission, vision, and core values, which were established over a century ago. Her historical reflection reminded all present of the enduring values that had shaped the institution and laid the foundation for its continued success.

The highly anticipated moment arrived as the mission, vision, and core values were unveiled. It was announced that these guiding principles would be prominently displayed in every building on the campus, serving as constant reminders of SJC's identity and aspirations.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the college, Mrs. Solangel Alvardo, Dean of the Junior College, delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks. She acknowledged the dedication and hard work of all individuals involved in the mission's formulation and expressed confidence in the positive impact it would have on the SJC community.

The ceremony concluded with a stirring rendition of the SJC School Song, led by the talented students of the SJC Music School under the guidance of Mrs. Julietta Burrowes-Lewis. The collective voices echoed through the hall, symbolizing unity and pride in SJC's heritage and future.

The unveiling of SJC's mission, vision, and core values represents a significant milestone in the institution's ongoing commitment to excellence. As these guiding principles become an integral part of the campus environment, they are poised to inspire current and future generations of students, faculty, and staff, guiding them on a path towards personal growth, academic achievement, and service to the community.

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