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St. John's College Inaugurates 'Mirtha Alice Peralta' Hall, Celebrating New University and Science Building

Adriani Coleman

Oct 6, 2023

SJC University receives blessing in official opening of university and science building.

St. John's College, a prestigious educational institution in Belize, held a momentous event on October 6, 2023, to inaugurate its new university and science building. The ceremony was marked by the presence of distinguished speakers, esteemed guests, and a vibrant program that captivated the audience.

The inauguration ceremony took place at the college premises and was attended by prominent figures, including the Honorable Francis Fonseca, the Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, and the Honorable Kareem Musa, the Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries. Also in attendance was His Worship Bernard Wagner, the Mayor of Belize City, who graced the occasion with his presence. The event was a testament to the significance of the new building and its contribution to the educational landscape of Belize.

The ceremony featured an array of speakers who highlighted the importance of the occasion and the transformative impact of the new university and science building. Among the notable speakers was Laudato Si University's Fr. William McCormick, who shared his insights on the role of education in shaping a sustainable future. Additionally, board members Mrs. Martha Guerra, Mr. Dilip Budhrani, Mrs. Ashanti Marin, and Mr. Michael Coye expressed their pride in the institution's growth and development.

The blessings for the new building were led by Fr. Brian Christopher, the Jesuit Superior of Belize, along with Fr. William McCormick, Fr. Jose Vega, and Fr. Jeremy Zipple. Their presence added a spiritual dimension to the ceremony, acknowledging the importance of faith and education in St. John's College's mission.

The audience was treated to captivating musical performances by the SJC Music School, under the leadership of Mr. Carlos Perotte, and the choir mistress, Ms. Giselle O'Brien. Their presentations added a touch of artistry and celebration to the event, resonating with the joy and enthusiasm of the attendees.

In a moment of great pride and honor, the new building was officially christened 'Mirtha Alice Peralta' Hall, in recognition of its current President, Mirtha Alice Peralta. Serving as the college's President since 2015, Peralta has been instrumental in driving numerous initiatives and accomplishments. Under her leadership, St. John's College has implemented innovative programs, become a member of the prestigious Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities, and witnessed the installation of state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Among her notable achievements is the introduction of a hybrid Associate Degree program specifically tailored for students from Toledo. Peralta's vision also led to the establishment of the SJC-University, offering Jesuit Bachelor's Degrees to Belizean students, thereby expanding access to quality higher education opportunities.

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