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Staff Retreat 2023

Adriani Coleman

Mar 3, 2023

The faculty and staff of St. John's College went on the annual spiritual retreat where they got to reflect on a deeper level.

Following the Universal Apostolic Preference, "Showing the way to God through the spiritual Exercises and discernment", the faculty and staff of St. John's College were invited to the annual spiritual retreat at Jaguar Creek.

Amongst God's grandeur of forest and river, the faculty and staff were led through a number of spiritual exercises to help them to reflect especially upon the importance of their roles in the education system. Faculty and staff reflected upon their journey with the youth and walking with the excluded. They were also led through a mass to focus and reflect on their importance within the universal apostolic preferences. All were asked to reflect upon the Ignatian spirituality and to continue to develop these traits within their classrooms or activities in the community. The day ended with a quiet reflection time where participants could reflect on the day's prayers and exercises.

The spiritual retreat was led by Brother Dan Finucane, Father David Kiblinger, and Mrs. Molly Marin. We thank the faculty and staff as well as our spiritual leaders who are working to build a world where God is kept at the center of our visions and actions.

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