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The Office of the Registrar oversees a broad range of activities in support of student enrollment, course registration, academic history and transcript maintenance, services to faculty, and other related activities. Enrollment statistics are regularly summarized for use by various administrative offices. The office also responds to a variety of data requests from outside agencies. The Office of the Registrar is located on the second floor of Yorke Hall. 

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Office of the Registrar

General Services

Student Records

The OTR is responsible for keeping accurate records of students, grades, and class schedules. We also maintain records that include a student's contact information, registration holds, and remaining degree requirements.


The OTR is responsible for overseeing the preparation of college catalogs and schedules of classes, and helping students schedule or register for classes. They also provide enrollment information to student loan lenders for deferrals.

Academic Records

The OTR is responsible for academic records and credentials, from the transcript to the diploma. They also evaluate academic records, and verify grades with professors on time.


The OTR is responsible for overseeing the graduation process, auditing records, clearing students for graduation, and calculating honors.

OTR General Services
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Registrar Services

Audit Switch

This form is to be filled by students who want to switch from audited to credit courses.

Directed Study

IMPORTANT: Permission for an independent study course must be granted by the Dean in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Registrar.  Permission to take a course independently must be granted before approaching a faculty member.

Drop/Add Form

Students can add or drop a course.

Program Change

IMPORTANT: Deadline: one (1) week prior to registration dates scheduled for the semester in which a student plans to change.

Transfer of Courses

IMPORTANT: This form is to be used for approval of any courses that a regularly-enrolled student or student on leave wishes to take at another college/university. The form should be filled out before a course is taken. Otherwise, the student risks the possibility of future difficulties with meeting program requirements.

Enrollment Verification

Application for verification of attendance. 

Registrar Services
Transcript Price

Parchment Transcript  Tutorials

Parchment Services

Mrs. Odilia Pech


Ms. Delsi Valdez

Associate Registrar

Meet The Team

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