Application Procedures

Application forms for degree and certificate programs are available from Junior College offices, high school principals, school managements, district education centers, the Belize National Teachers’ Union Branch office and the St. John’s College website at

To apply for admission students must do the following:

A. Applicants to degree programs

  1. Complete the SJCJC application form. 

  2. Sign and date the completed application form, including the required personal statement and copy of birth certificate, and return it to the Finance Office along with results of or evidence of registration for CXC General Proficiency Exams in Mathematics and English and any other subject area which the applicant wishes to pursue at the junior college.

  3. Pay the non-refundable application fee. The application and fee must be received by the deadline listed on the application. Applications will not be accepted without the application fee, and applications submitted after the deadline will be subject to a late fee.

  4. Request that an official transcript of grades from all secondary and/or post-secondary schools attended be sent to the Office of Admissions and Enrolment at St. John’s College Junior College.

  5. Request that recommendation forms be completed by recommenders and sent directly to the Office of Admissions and Enrolment at St. John’s College Junior College. The required recommendations are:

  • Secondary school applicants – one from the school principal and one from a secondary school teacher who taught a subject area in which the applicant wishes to enroll at the Junior College.

  • Employed applicants – one from the employer and one from an educator at the applicant’s secondary school

  • Other applicants – any combination of two from educators from any secondary or post-secondary school attended or from former employers


B. Transfer applicants

  1. In addition to the above, transfer applicants must submit course outlines or course syllabi for each course to be considered for transfer

  2. The transfer applicant must request that a testimony of good standing be sent to the Office of Admissions and Enrolment at St. John’s College Junior College by the appropriate official of the Junior College, College, or University from which the student withdrew. SJC Junior College Academic Bulletin

Applications for degree programs are reviewed for completeness by the Office of Admissions and Enrolment and complete applications (which contain transcripts, recommendations, personal statements, and all other required documentation) are passed to the Office of Academic Affairs for consideration by the Admissions Committee. Incomplete applications are not processed.

Completed applications (including transcripts and recommendation letters) are considered by the Admissions Committee in the following sequence:

Step 1. Evaluation of transcript for general academic requirements
Step 2. Review of recommendations and personal statement

» Once the applicant has met the minimum requirements set by the committee in steps 1 and 2 the application proceeds through to Steps 3, 4 and 5. Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements will receive a letter indicating that their application has been denied.

Step 3. Evaluation of the applicant’s academic record for choice of major
Step 4. Submission of acceptance recommendations to the Dean
Step 5. Mailing of letters of response to applicants



Applicants who are accepted to St. John’s College Junior College receive provisional acceptance only until they meet the obligations outlined below. Failure to fulfil these obligations may result in acceptance being revoked.

  1. Sit the SJCJC Placement Exam as scheduled. Results of this exam are used to place students appropriately in Math, English, and Science courses. The Placement Exam identifies remedial and developmental needs as well as particular strengths and may be used as a basis for awarding advanced placement.

  2. Complete and submit the Confirmation of Acceptance Form together with the Confirmation of Acceptance fee. The signed form and acceptance fee must be received by the deadline indicated on the form to secure admission.

  3. Submit a certified copy of the high school diploma or equivalent certification before registration for classes. A Registration restriction may be issued for students who do not submit these documents.

  4. Attend Orientation. A Registration restriction will be issued for students who do not attend and complete Orientation.

  5. Register and enrol for the school semester or term for which acceptance was granted.

  6. Submit a copy of CXC statement of results as soon as it is available.