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SJCJC Jesuit Scholarship Program 2024

Scholarship opportunities are created by St. John’s College for a number of significant purposes, principally among them the recognition by the College of the dominant need for pursuing higher learning among students in general. In making available these opportunities specifically to Junior College students and in recognizing the significance of these opportunities for the advancement of the mission of the College in its service to Belize and beyond, a framework for the implementation of a plan is developed in accordance with the following terms and timeline.


Jesuit Scholarship Application

The Jesuit Scholarship program is a partnership between St. John’s College and specific Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the United States. The purpose of the scholarship program is to:

❖ Provides S.J.C. graduates with opportunities to pursue bachelor’s degrees.

❖ Support S.J.C. graduates who will make a positive contribution to the development of Belize.

❖ Recognize S.J.C. graduates who embrace the Ignatian philosophy of Cura Personalis (care for the whole person), free inquiry, the highest of intellectual standards, service to others and a Life of purpose.

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SJCJC Landivar Scholarship Program 2024

Each school year, income from the Landivar Scholarship Fund is used to provide assistance to students who qualify for financial aid. The Landivar Scholarship Fund, established in the 1950s, assists needy and qualified students through the program each year. In return for the assistance received from the College, students who are awarded Landivar Scholarships are expected to make a commitment of service by carrying out specific duties assigned by the Assistant Dean for Student Services and are supervised by designated faculty supervisors. Such service may include providing assistance as student assistants in one of the school offices, including: the Dean’s Office, the Academic Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, Library, Science and Computer Labs.

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