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Student Services

Student Services are a combination of both services to assist students and student development. The Student Services Office plans events and provides programs that offer students physical, cultural, spiritual, and social development. It also provides services and programs that allow students to practice within a healthy college environment. Student services and student development, when properly designed to correspond with SJC’s mission, reinforce and extend the College’s influence beyond the classroom.

Student activities have great potential in meeting the fundamental aspirations of students of becoming informed and formed through student life programs outside the classroom, playing an essential role in augmenting the value of a student's education because they are considered an extension of the classroom, with emphasis on the formulation of complementary goals that support the academic mission of the College.

The Student Services Office, located in Zinkle Hall, is an integral part of the overall educational program of St. John's College Junior College. The primary goal of the Assistant Dean of Student Services is to personalize and broaden the educational experience of the student community by working with students, faculty and staff to create an atmosphere that promotes personal, social, cultural, athletic and spiritual development. In the execution of student life programs, student leaders and departmental faculty members serve as valuable resource persons.

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Mrs. Marcia Bouloy

Associate Dean for Student Services​

Tel:  223-3732 Ext. 1147

  • Encourage and promote intellectual stimulation through discussions of political, social, economic and other current issues;

  • Provide opportunities for broad integration among the student body and the school community. with attention to the diversity among the student body and the need for variety;

  • Stimulate the development of leisure time use through purposeful recreational, social, cultural and student activities, with emphasis on principles of leadership, team-building, school spirit, unity, collective involvement, fairness and discipline;

  • Promote physical fitness, with attention to competitive and other team sports;

  • Provide opportunities for the full involvement of commuter students in school-sponsored activities;

  • Orient new students to the life of the College, including both academic and non-academic aspects;

  • Provide appropriate information to the student body and the school community on matters of plural interests, with attention to specific needs of students, including health, safety, student welfare and other such issues;

  • Provide appropriate directions for the creation of a campus atmosphere conducive to the students' academic, personal and social development

Other Services

MAGIS Center

Men and Women For and With Others


Princess Margaret Drive

Belize City, Belize, C.A.​

Phone:  +501-223-3731/223-3732

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