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Registrar Services

Audit Switch

This form is to be filled by students who want to switch from audited to credit courses.

Directed Study

IMPORTANT: Permission for an independent study course must be granted by the Dean in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Registrar.  Permission to take a course independently must be granted before approaching a faculty member.

Drop/Add Form

Students can add or drop a course.

Program Change

IMPORTANT: Deadline: one (1) week prior to registration dates scheduled for the semester in which a student plans to change.

Transfer of Courses

IMPORTANT: This form is to be used for approval of any courses that a regularly-enrolled student or student on leave wishes to take at another college/university. The form should be filled out before a course is taken. Otherwise, the student risks the possibility of future difficulties with meeting program requirements.

Enrollment Verification

Application for verification of attendance. 

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